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Are you looking for a suitable child's or scholastic desk for your child? Then you've come to the right place. moll desks are ergonomically sensible, height adjustable, manufactured to the highest quality, and retain their value over many years of use.
Made in Germany 
Our products are made exclusively in Germany.
Best for the environment
Harmful substances? Emissions from desktops? Not with a moll desk. Guaranteed.
Easy to assemble
Each product contains exhaustive assembly instructions which offer an illustrated, step-by-step explanation of the assembly process in order to keep assembly time to a minimum. 
Quality guarantee
If a fault is discovered during the warranty period, in particular faults in the design, condition or functional capacity of the product, moll will replace the faulty parts free-of-charge against the return of the faulty parts
5 year after-sales guarantee
In accordance with the moll after-sales warranty, we will supply all product additions and containers at the current list price in the decor and colour of your desk or PC desk insofar as the decor and colour were part of our delivery program at the time of purchase.
Safety tested with GS seal
This internationally recognised institution for inspection and product certification inspects and assesses products for manufacturers, retail chains and consumer organisations.
In compliance with ergonomic requirements
Blue Angel
All materials fully recyclable and low in emission
Moll Champion
120 x 72 x 53-82cmH
Perfectly matched for right- or left-handed users
- Front up
- Left up
- Right up

Moll Booster
121 x 70 x 53-82cmH

Moll Runner
121 x 70 x 53-82 cmH
68 x 68 cm
Woody M
Dimensions: 63 x 63 cm
- A measurement scale for the correct height adjustment.
- A sturdy star base for a safe position
- Two secret compartments
- Wide range of bright and amusing fabrics.

- Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm
- Seat depth: 28 - 42 cmH
- Easy to adjust individually and safety in seat height and depth.
- A swinging backrest to support the back.
- Height adjustable from 28-54 cm.
62 x 42 x 5.5 cm
41 x 60 cm
5 checklists to see if your child's seat and desk fit him.
How to change the height of the desk
Moll commercial
Moll Runner Compact
91 x 70 x 53-82cmH
Split desktop
One part of the desktop can be tilted and used for drawing, writing or reading - while the rest of it remains fixed in place as a practical storage surface and working space.
Booster has a large drawer element that can be fi tted to the left or right. Two drawers, each with two A4 compartments. An organisation set. And a compartmented drawer. 
The sturdy giant drawer under the desktop frees up lots of room on the top and offers lots of space under it.
Flexlight can be dimmed from 100% to 5% illuminance. The light doesn't flicker, either. And furthermore, the LED desk light saves a lot of electricity: -85% on a 60W light bulb.

Cool additional functions:
USB-charging station for iPod, cell phone and other electronic devices.
night light: The switch is back-lit in colour, even when it is switched off.
Mobilight: moll‘s sliding light
What good is an ergonomically correct desk to a child if it has to stretch to be in the light, or to hide from the shadow? None. Mobilight, a light with clever swivel joints and a 90° reflector. The reflector keeps shadows away from the desk.
The 3D luffing mechanism supports the naturally dynamic movements of the pelvis in all 3 dimensions, to the front, the back and to the side.
The seat shell is made of imperishable beech wood. A five star foot base of resilient steel makes the Woody chair stable and safe against tilting over. 
Moll Winner
121 x 71 x 53-82cmH
The further developed program new basic allows great flexibility and variation with extendable basic models.
- Two drawers with shock absorbing, self-closing devices, lockable utensil drawer
- offers a shelf attachment for storing folders/books
- another storage facility for practical slipcases etc.​

- Dimensions: 43x53x88 cm
- Two drawers with shock absorbing, self-closing device for sizes up to A3
- can be stored in the lockable utensil drawer with its practical shelves and hidden secret compartment.
- foam with a thickness of approx. 7 cm with fabric cover.

- Dimension: 43x54x43 cm
Moll Winner Compact
91 x 71 x 53-82cmH
- Space saving: the solution for small rooms
- Height adjustment option, stable metal foot with castor at the back and height adjustment
-  adjustable cushioned lowering
Practical pencil drawer that can be folded up.
- Color applications and color strips are supplied in 6 colors
- Can be extended with three storage options
- Book holder „new basic“
- Hook for bags
- Durable wood elements made of E1 chip board, coated with melamine resin (low emissions)
Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass